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Barn conversions

ATK Building Solutions Ltd provides a specialist service for the renovation and conversion of barns in the North and West Yorkshire area. Through this process, we create unique homes and workplaces while retaining the original charm and character of the existing building. Whether you prefer the warmth and comfort of traditional styles or the sleek, minimalist feel of a contemporary design, we produce barn conversions in full compliance with current UK Building Regulations. This ensures optimal comfort and energy efficiency, no matter the interior design you choose. With ATK Building Solutions as your building contractor, you receive a smooth, efficient service throughout the process, from start to finish.

Barn conversions have risen in popularity over recent years for numerous reasons, including their scarcity. Most commonly found in rural areas where new build developments wouldn’t receive approval, these properties offer a rare opportunity for modern living in stunning countryside settings.

Barn conversions differ greatly from more traditional housing. As such, we have outlined some of the most important information relating to these projects by way of an initial introduction.


Thinking of converting?

In April 2014, the Permitted Development Rights changed, transforming the landscape for those wanting to convert a barn in any English location. Further amendments in April 2018 improved this situation even more, creating an allowance for up to five new homes within an existing agricultural building. The previous limit was three.

Property owners no longer need to apply for planning approval from their local authority before going ahead with barn conversions. The new Class MB permits reasonable building operations in order to convert an existing barn into a house. However, this can only take place within the envelope of the current structure.

Partial demolition work and rebuilding can take place, but the extent of such an allowance will differ from case to case. If you choose us as your building contractor, we will clarify your own personal situation.

It is, however, still essential for property owners need to submit prior notification to their local authority to establish whether they require approval for noise impact, transport, contamination and flood risk.

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